Firewood Company in North Olmsted, Ohio

Stay warm this winter by choosing our firewood company in North Olmsted, Ohio, for high-quality, seasoned firewood. Our wood is clean, dry, and ready for residential and commercial purposes. In addition, Firewood Unlimited, Inc. sells only dense hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and hickory. These have higher energy content so they are able to release more sustained heat.

Firewood Suppliers of Seasoned Wood

Before purchasing firewood, it’s important to know whether it has been seasoned (dried). If not, your wood could contain as much as 50% water, making it difficult to burn. Burning unseasoned firewood creates a room full of smoke, and it causes creosote (a fire hazard) to build up in your chimney.

We cut all of our wood in Ohio and allow it to dry between three and six months before splitting it. After that, we split the wood, stack it, and allow it to finish the seasoning process. You’ll have a nice, clean fire when you depend on us as your firewood suppliers.

Affordable & Legal Wholesale Firewood

Don’t move your own firewood! You may not know it, but transporting firewood can spread invasive insects. This is a significant issue, and it is illegal to move hardwood firewood out of Ohio’s quarantined areas. There’s no need to try and save money doing it on your own. You could also be unknowingly violating state laws. Turn to our firewood wholesale company for affordable and legal firewood delivery.

Contact us for pricing on our seasoned, hardwood firewood. We proudly serve North Olmsted, Ohio, and the western suburbs.